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Brand Name:TIAM

Tiam AC Fighting Spot RX Cream 30g

SKU:  8809416472218
Regular: 1200.00৳
Sale: 999.00৳(16.75%)

Tiam AC Fighting Spot RX Cream 30g
Made in Korea

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A spot care cream that shrinks and calms existing pimples and helps fade red or brown marks from acne.


1. A red spot care cream that soothes blemishes and breakouts instantly while reducing overall acne.

2. Formulated with 10% niacinamide and 7% zinc to diminish the appearance of acne-related hyperpigmentation.

3. It may leave a stinging sensation after use, which means that the active ingredients are taking effect.

How to use:

1. Wash your hands and cleanse your face before use.

2. Dispense a moderate amount of the cream on a fingertip and apply to the areas of concern.

3. Massage the area to aid absorption.

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