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Brand Name:L.A.GIRL

L.A. Girl Water Resistant Gel Eyeliner Gel731- Jet Black

SKU:  081555227319
Regular: 900.00৳
Sale: 549.00৳(39%)

L.A. Girl Water Resistant Gel Eyeliner Gel731- Jet Black
Made in Chaina

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Take back control of your liner with the Gel Eyeliner Pot. Highly pigmented gel eyeliner applies smoothly and easily to create a sharp wing, graphic liner, or hey, if you still mess up your liner, you can smudge it out and call it a smoky eye. Best of all, once you perfect your look, no need to reapply because this long-lasting eyeliner formula isn’t going anywhere. So stop with the winged liner pep talks before using liquid liner, because you got this.

How to Use:

  • Dip Angled Liner Brush (Gpb208) into the Liner, Picking Up a Small Amount of Product.
  • Starting from the Middle of Your Eyelid, Create a Line Extending Towards Your Outer Corner by Following Along Your Lash Line.
  • Go Back to the Inner Corner with the Product Left on Your Brush and Begin Lining to Connect Back to the Middle.
  • Build Up the Liner to Your Desired Shape and Thickness.
  • to Create a Wing, Start at the Outer Corner and Extend the Line Towards the Eyebrow, to the Length You Want Your Wing.
  • Create Another Line from Your Lash Line to the Tip of the Wing, Making a Triangle Shape.

Fill in the Triangle.

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