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Brand Name:JIGOTT

Jigott Goat Milk Extract Whitening Cream 70ml

SKU:  8809210034131
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Jigott Goat Milk Extract Whitening Cream 70ml
Made in Korea

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Whitening cream Jigott Goat Milk Whitening Cream with goat milk extract actively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, reduces pigmentation and improves complexion. The product creates a protective barrier on the skin that prevents moisture loss and protects against adverse environmental factors. Goat's milk stimulates the production of the skin's own collagen, thereby reducing the signs of aging, rejuvenates the skin, effectively nourishing and restoring a healthy, clear tone. Milk proteins renew the epidermis and stimulate the growth of young cells, have an anti-inflammatory effect, brighten the skin, exfoliate dead cells, strengthen and moisturize dehydrated skin, get rid of fine wrinkles, and increase collagen synthesis.

Goat milk extract saturates the skin with vitamins, proteins, calcium, magnesium and other important trace elements. Goat milk smoothes the surface of the epidermis, activates metabolism, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Niacinamide (vitamin B3), which is part of the cream, not only has a powerful whitening effect, but is also an effective anti-aging component. It activates cell renewal and promotes an increase in collagen production, eliminates sagging skin, making it fresher and more elastic.

The cream helps to cleanse the skin of dead cells, removes excess sebum, has an antibacterial effect, accelerating the healing of acne, improves skin immunity and from aggressive environmental factors.

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